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YZG, FZG cylindrical and square vacuum dryers


The main purpose

       It is suitable for low-temperature drying of heat-sensitive materials that are easy to decompose, polymerize or deteriorate at high temperatures. It is widely used in pharmaceutical, chemical, food, electronics and other industries.


      The boiling point of the material solution decreases under vacuum, which increases the heat transfer driving force of the evaporator. Therefore, the heat transfer area of ​​the evaporator can be saved for a certain amount of heat transfer.The heat source for the evaporation operation can be low-pressure steam or waste heat steam and hot water circulation.The evaporator has low heat loss and can be sterilized before drying. No impurities are mixed during the drying process, which meets the requirements.It is a static vacuum drying, so the shape of the dried material will not be damaged.

working principle

       The so-called vacuum drying is to heat and dry the dry materials under vacuum conditions. If a vacuum pump is used to dehumidify, the drying speed will be accelerated.Note: If a condenser is used, the solvent in the material can be recovered through the condenser; if a SK series water ring vacuum pump or ZSWJ series hydraulic jet vacuum unit is used, a condenser is not needed, saving investment.

Working principle diagram

FZG square vacuum dryer

Cylindrical vacuum dryer


Square vacuum dryer


Hot water automatic temperature control circulation, solvent recovery, vacuum drying system diagram


Steam heating, solvent non-recovery, vacuum drying system diagram


Technical Parameters

型      号 YZG-600 type YZG-1000 type YZG-1400 type FZG-15 type FZG-20 type
Inner dimensions of drying box (m) Φ0.6 x 0.97 Φ1 x 1.52 Φ1.4 x 2.05

1.5 x 1.22

 x 1.4

1.5 x 1.22  

x 1.8

Drying box outer dimensions (m)

1.13 x 0.81

 x 1.02

1.74 x 1.22  

x 1.38

2.38 x 1.67  

x 1.8

2.06 x 1.51  

x 1.92

2.06 x 1.51  

x 2.06

Number of layers of drying rack 4 6 8 8 12
Distance between layers (mm) 81 102 102 122 122

Baking tray size (mm)

(long  x  宽  x  high)

310 x 600  

x 45

460 x 640  

x 45

460 x 640  

x 45

460 x 640  

x 45

460 x 640  

x 45

烘  盘  数 4 12 32 32 48
Operating pressure inside the drying rack tube (Mpa) ≤0.784(8kg/c㎡)
Drying rack operating temperature (℃) -35~150
No-load vacuum degree in the box (Mpa) -0.09~-0.096
Drying box weight (kg) 250 800 1100 2100 3200

Note:The heating device vacuum pump is optional.


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