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  • Maintenance and storage of ultrafine grinder


    The ultrafine grinder consists of a cylindrical grinding chamber, grinding wheel, grinding rail, fan, material collection system, etc.It is an equipment that uses air separation, heavy pressure grinding and shearing to achieve ultra-fine grinding of dry materials.1. Frequently check the tightening of each component to prevent it from loosening and falling off, causing damage to the machine.2. Each oil filling hole should be filled with oil frequently, and the bearing parts should be cleaned and filled with lithium-based grease every six months.3. When shutting down the machine, the machine should be idle for a period of time, blow out the remaining material in the machine, and then shut down.4. When the machine is out of service, debris outside the machine should be removed, all rotating parts should be filled with grease, and stored in a warehouse with dry air and no corrosive gases. Read More
  • Characteristics of traditional Chinese medicine crusher


    Characteristics of traditional Chinese medicine crusher: 1. High fineness and fast speed. This series of models all use small ultra-high-speed motors. The strong power ensures the fineness and speed of crushing.2. Small size, light weight, compact structure, no vibration, no need for fixation, ensuring that it can be used in any occasion.3. It has good safety performance, no dust, low loss and easy cleaning. Since this series of models is an intermittent crushing, its crushing chambers are all fully sealed stainless steel tank structures, ensuring the realization of the above performance.4. It has a wide range of applications. Plant fibers, high hardness and high toughness materials, such as Chinese medicinal materials, inorganic substances, minerals, etc., can achieve good crushing effects.5. It has good controllability and the fineness can be adjusted arbitrarily. Since the machine can be turned on and off at any time, the fineness can be controlled by controlling the length of the crushing time. Read More
  • Product features of square cone mixer


    Product features of the square cone mixer: 1. The whole machine has novel design, compact structure, beautiful appearance, mixing uniformity of 99%, and volumetric charging coefficient of 0.8. 2. Low rotation height, stable operation, reliable performance, and easy operation.3. The inner and outer walls of the barrel are mirror-polished, with no dead corners, easy discharging, easy cleaning, no cross-contamination, and comply with GMP requirements. Read More
  • How does a sugar crusher work?


    Sugar crusher is mainly suitable for pharmaceutical, food, chemical and other industries.It has a variety of product properties such as air-cooling and no screen. It is not limited by material viscosity, hardness, fiber, etc., and can achieve a good crushing effect on any material.The sugar crusher is specially designed for crushing sugar, with high output and low energy consumption.The material enters the crushing cavity from the hopper through the screw conveyor, and is crushed by impact, shearing and grinding between the high-speed rotating blade (needle bar) and the fixed ring gear. The powder is discharged from the machine cavity through the screen, and the particle size is passed Obtained by replacing sieves with different apertures. Read More
  • How to use universal grinder


    The universal crusher uses the high-speed relative motion between the movable disc and the fixed disc to crush the crushed materials through the comprehensive effects of impact, shearing, friction between the movable disc and the fixed disc, and the impact of the materials with each other.1. After the machine is in place, it must be placed stably and fixed with anchor screws.2. Before commissioning, the inner cavity of the machine should be cleaned and the front cover should be locked with a star-shaped handle.3. After turning on the power, you should pay attention to the sequence and make the spindle rotate in the direction shown.4. During the test run, you should pay attention to whether the machine has any abnormal noise so that you can stop the machine for timely inspection.5. Install the storage bag in the discharge hopper. Read More
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