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Frequently Asked Questions

  • Q Working principle of BSP crushing unit

    A BSP-350 crushing unit is an advanced milling machine. This device has the following advantages:
    Stable technical performance, low noise, low consumption, high efficiency, adjustable fineness, and low temperature rise, so it is very suitable for sugar, food powder, herbs and spices, etc.The device consists of a crusher part, a powder collection device, a conveying pipe and an electronic control.

    The crushing part is equipped with air classification equipment, so that the product particle size can be adjusted arbitrarily and excessive crushing can be prevented.The ground powder will be transported to the cyclone and dust collector through negative pressure, and then discharged through the discharge valve.

    work method
    The raw materials are transported to the crushing chamber through the screw feeder, and are cut into pieces by the high-speed cutting machine and the vortex generated by high-frequency vibration.Due to the effect of negative pressure, the crushed powder enters the public grinding wheel. Through the rotation of the classifying wheel and the centrifugal force of the air knife, the powder larger than the classified particle size is sent back to the crushing chamber, and the qualified powder enters the pipe and is discharged.
  • Q FAQs when choosing a powder grinder

    A 1. What material do you want to crush?(like chilli, sugar, herbs...)
    2. What is the size of the raw materials?
    3. What capacity of crusher do you want?(Such as 50kg/hr, 300 kg/hr, 500 kg/hr...etc.)
    4. What is the crushing fineness you want?
    (measured in mesh, millimeters or microns)
    5. It helps if you know the oil content or moisture content of the ingredients.
  • Q How to choose V-shaped mixer and ribbon mixer?

    A Here we’ll cover the differences between the two mixers.
    V-shaped mixer VS ribbon mixer

    V-type mixer (vitamin mixer) Ribbon mixer (vitamin mixer)
    Can be mixed with powder Can be powdered or mixed with liquid
    Vertical, loading is a bit difficult Horizontal type, easier to load materials
    May cause mixture to separate Can avoid mixture separation
    Discharging can be 100% completed When discharging, a small portion of the mixture will remain at the bottom of the mixer
    Larger installation space Small installation space

  • Q How to choose a machine for making icing?

    A Regarding frosting grinders, here we will introduce you to two grinding machines.
    BSU general-purpose pulverizer VS BSP ultra-fine pulverizer.

    BSU universal crusher BSP ultrafine grinding unit
    need sieve No sieve required
    Can make 12-120 mesh sugar powder Can make 60-320 mesh powdered sugar
    There is dust during the production process No dust during production
    Without a classifier, uniform powder cannot be produced Equipped with classifier to produce uniform powder

  • Q What is the difference between granulated sugar, caster sugar and icing sugar?

    A Granulated sugar: Also known as white sugar, caster sugar or even just pure sugar, unless otherwise noted, this is what you see in the ubiquitous sugar bowl or regular sugar bag.This is a must in the kitchen.Because it is both a versatile sweetener and a key ingredient in candies, biscuits, scones and jams.The size of the particles allows them to dissolve fairly quickly in hot liquids, but not easily stir into cold liquids.It pours easily too.
    Icing Sugar: Also known as confectioners' sugar or powdered sugar, it is actually a mixture of very fine granulated sugar and cornstarch, which acts as an anti-caking agent (i.e., when humidity is present, it prevents the sugar from clumping and becoming solid sugar cubes).Dissolves very quickly but cannot be used as a direct substitute for other sugars due to the excess cornstarch.
    Caster sugar: Known as caster sugar or refined sugar, it is a very fine type of sugar that dissolves quickly.It is not as common as icing sugar or granulated sugar, and its packaging is usually smaller than a 4kg or 10kg granulated sugar package.While it's not essential, some recipes call for it anyway.Because it is so fine, it dissolves more easily in cold or warm liquids than in hot liquids.
    Our BSP icing sugar grinder (sugar powder grinder) can make ultra-fine icing sugar or icing sugar.
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