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XF boiling dryer


The main purpose

       It is suitable for drying granular materials, such as: raw materials in pharmaceuticals, tableting granules, traditional Chinese medicine granules, plastic resins, citric acid and other powdery and granular materials in chemical raw materials.Drying of food and beverage granules, jade germ, feed, etc. in food, grain processing, and feed drying.The general optimal particle size of materials is 0.5-3mm.


      This machine can implement automated production and is a continuous drying equipment with fast drying speed and low temperature, which can ensure product quality and meet the requirements of pharmaceutical production.

working principle

       Boiling dryer, also known as fluidized bed.It consists of an air filter, a heater, an ebullating bed host, a star feeder, a cyclone separator, a bag dust collector, a high-pressure centrifugal fan, and an operating table. Due to the different properties of the dry materials.When matching dust removal equipment, it can be considered as needed.You can choose cyclone separator and bag dust collector at the same time, or you can choose one of them.Generally speaking, air separators are required for drying materials with larger specific gravity, such as granules and granules. Small granular and powdery materials with lighter specific gravity need to be equipped with bag dust collectors and pneumatic feeding devices are available.The granular solid material is added to the fluidized bed dryer from the feeder. The filtered clean air is heated and sent to the bottom of the fluidized bed by the blower. It contacts the solid material through the air distribution plate to form a fluidized heat mass that reaches the gas-solid phase. exchange.After the material is dried, it is dischargedThe exhaust gas is discharged from the top of the ebullating bed, and the solid powder is recovered through the cyclone dust collector group and bag dust collector before being emptied.Steam, electric, and hot blast stoves can all be used (matched according to user requirements).

Technical Parameters

型  号


Area (m2

Drying capacity (water) (kg/h)


Power (kw)

Wind pressure (pa)Air volume (m3/h)

Intake the wind

Temperature (℃)


Temperature (℃)

Energy consumption (m3/min)

land area

Area (m2

Feeding form
Type 20A0.520-25115.5  x 103311060-20040-602.6  x 103251. Star-shaped feeding type
Type 30A1.030-4518.57.0  x 10343705.2  x 103352. Both feeding type and pneumatic conveying are used together
Type 50A2.055-90307.4  x 103754010.4  x 10345


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