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SMH tunnel sterilization oven


The main purpose

       This far-infrared tunnel oven is widely used for drying and sterilizing various ampoules, pop bottles, vials and other glass containers in pharmaceutical production. It can also be used for drying materials in chemical, food, electronics and other industrial sectors. .


      1. This oven is made of stainless steel, the conveyor belt uses stainless steel chain or stainless steel mesh belt, and the transmission speed adopts stepless speed regulation.

      2. The oven heating element uses a far-infrared quartz heating tube or a gold-plated quartz tube installed on the top of the oven according to user requirements, and is equipped with a reflective mechanism for adjustment, which improves thermal efficiency.

      3. The oven is equipped with an electrical control cabinet, and the temperature digital display is automatically controlled and can be controlled at any constant temperature state.

      4. Purified air with 100-level cleanliness vertical laminar flow can be used at the exit to cool the materials so that the materials are in a strictly sterile and dust-free state.

      5. Ultra-fine glass wool or aluminum silicate is used as the insulation material in the insulation layer of the oven, which has good insulation performance.


Technical Parameters

型  号

Heating power (kw)

Constant temperature range (℃)

Motor power (kw)

Studio size (mm)

(Width  x  高  x  long)

Overall dimensions (mm)

(Width  x  高  x  long)

Transmission speed (m/min)
Type 3 10-20 Room temperature-250 0.75 480 x 200 x  3000 980 x 1200 x  3940 0.1-1.0
Type 6 25-35 Room temperature-350 1.1 480 x 300 x 6000 980  x 1310 x 6940 0.1-1.0
Type 9 30-40 Room temperature-400 1.1 480 x 320 x 9000 980  x 1310 x 9940 0.1-1.0
Type 12 40-50 Room temperature-400 1.5 480x320x12000 980  x 1310 x 12940 0.2-2.0

The above table is the technical parameters of our company. Our company can also design and manufacture various far-infrared tunnel ovens according to user needs.


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