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LFJ series frozen grinder


The main purpose

         This machine is widely used for crushing materials in pharmaceutical, food, chemical and other industries. It has a significant crushing effect on heat-sensitive materials, rubber, resin, plastics, Chinese and Western medicines, animals and plants, etc. and materials that are tough and cannot be crushed at room temperature.

Detail image

Freezing grinder
Freezing grinder
Freezing grinder


       During the material crushing process of this refrigeration grinder system, its cold source forms a closed-circuit circulation system, making full use of energy and saving energy consumption.The temperature of the cold source for crushing can be reduced to minus 196 degrees. According to the embrittlement point temperature of the material, the temperature can be adjusted during the crushing process to select the best crushing temperature to reduce energy consumption. The crushing fineness can reach 40-700 mesh.Even reaching fineness such as microns and μ: using liquid nitrogen as the grinding medium to achieve ultra-low temperature crushing, explosion-proof, anti-oxidation and other comprehensive effects of materials.

working principle

         The complete set of refrigeration crusher consists of a silo, crushing chamber, induced draft fan, cyclone separator, liquid nitrogen tank, etc.The freezing pulverizer system uses liquid nitrogen as the cold source. After the material to be pulverized is cooled to a brittle and easily pulverized state at low temperature, it enters the mechanical pulverizer cavity and rotates at high speed through the impeller. The crushing effect is achieved under the combined effects of repeated mutual impact, collision, shearing, friction, etc.The crushed materials are graded and collected by an airflow screen classifier: materials that do not meet the fineness requirements are returned to the silo for continued crushing, and most of the cold air is returned to the silo for recycling.

Technical Parameters

型   号 Production capacity (kg/h)
Grinding fineness (mesh)

Working temperature(℃)

Crushing power(kw)
Fan power (kw)
Feeding power (kw)

Overall dimensions (mm)


Model 200 10-150 40-700 0-minus 196 7.5 3 0.37 500 1600×1100×1700
Model 450 100-1000 40-700 0-minus 196 45 7.5     3       3000

Note: Liquid nitrogen tanks need to be purchased separately.


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