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CT-C Hot Air Circulating Oven


Application scope

            This machine is used for heating, solidification, drying and dehydration of materials in pharmaceutical, chemical, food, agricultural and sideline products, aquatic products, light industry, heavy industry and other industries.Such as raw materials, crude drugs, traditional Chinese medicine pieces, extracts, powders, granules, granules, water pills, packaging bottles, pigments, dyes, dehydrated vegetables, dried fruits, sausages, plastic resins, original electrical appliances, baking paint, etc.

Detail image

     CT-C Series Hot Air Circulating Oven
CT-C Series Hot Air Circulating Oven
CT-C Series Hot Air Circulating Oven

CT-C Series Hot Air Circulating Oven
CT-C Series Hot Air Circulating Oven
CT-C Series Hot Air Circulating Oven

Working principle diagram

CT hot air circulation oven


        1. Heating method: steam, electricity, far infrared, steam and electricity, for users to choose.

        2. Operating temperature: Steam heating 50-140℃, up to 150℃.

        3. Electricity, far infrared temperature 50-350℃.

        4. Commonly used steam pressure is 0.02-0.8Mpa (0.2-8kg/cm2).

        5. The electric heating configuration is calculated as type I with 15kw and practical 5-8kw/h.

        6. Non-standard design is available for special requirements.

        7. When the operating temperature is greater than 140℃ or less than 60℃, please indicate it when ordering.

        8. The drying carts and drying trays shipped from the company are of the same size and can be interchanged.

        9. Baking tray size: 460 x 640 x 45 (mm)


        1. The control cabinet adopts button control (touch control can also be made according to user requirements), which makes the operation more convenient and prolongs the service life.

        2. Most of the hot air circulates in the box, which has high thermal efficiency and saves energy.

        3. Using forced ventilation, the box is equipped with an adjustable air distribution plate to dry the material evenly.

        4. The whole machine has low noise, balanced operation, automatic temperature control, and easy installation and maintenance.

        5. It has a wide range of applications and can dry various materials. It is a general drying equipment.

        6. The air inlet can be equipped with primary-efficiency and medium-efficiency filters for users to choose.

Appearance diagram


Technical Parameters

Technical Parameters 配    件
型    号


Area (m2


Volume (m3

Drying amount each time (kg/batch) Radiator area (m2


Steam (kg/h)

Electric heating power (kw)


Air volume (m3/h)

In the box

Temperature (℃)

Overall dimensions (mm) Drying cart (vehicle) should be equipped Should be equipped with baking tray (only) Temperature control box Total weight (kg)


Power (kw)

CT-CO 7.1 1.3 60 15 15 6-9 4510 ±1



1 24 480 0.45
CT-CI 14.1 2.6 120 18 20 15 4510 ±2 2250x1200x2160 2 48 1080 0.45
CT-C-II 28.3 4.9 240 40 40 30 9020 ±2 2250x2160x2160 4 96 1520 0.45   x 2
CT-C-III 42.4 7.4 360 80 60 45 13530 ±2 3290x2160x2200 6 144 1960 0.45   x 3
CT-C-IV 56.5 10.3 480 100 80 60 18040 ±2 4360x2160x2270 8 192 2400 0.45   x 4

The outer wall materials of the box are: A3 steel, stainless steel; the inner wall materials are: galvanized sheet, aluminum alloy, stainless steel; the drying car materials are: A3 steel, stainless steel; the drying plate materials are: aluminum alloy, stainless steel, galvanized sheet.

Oven accessories


Material of shaped pressing baking plate: stainless steel, rust-proof aluminum alloy



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